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The boys are away at camp so it’s time to stick your hip out! #vscocam #vsco #bestofvsco #summercamp #nyc (at Paradise Ave - Piermont Marsh)
Dissecting sea creatures at Torrey Pines State Beach.  #vsco #vscocam #vacation #sandiego #torreypines (at Torrey Pines State Beach)
The backside of climbing wall. #rockclimbing #vscocam #vsco #bouldering #sandiego  (at Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness)
#vsco #vscocam #sandiego  (at New Waterfront Park Embarcadero San Diego)


Armoury is hard at work on the next episode of the Locally Crafted documentary series for Windstream. Here are a few teaser shots from our latest shoot in Lincoln, NE.



WATCH: These restored muscle cars have power way beyond what’s under the hood.

“We call it a small-big town.  Everyone’s here to help each other out one way or another,” says Dave Hall about his beloved hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska.  As it happens, Dave knows a thing or two about helping people out.   He’s the owner of Restore A Muscle Car, so when he’s not tinkering under the hood of someone’s ’70 Trans-Am, he’s helping reconnect people to the cars they owned years ago and thought they’d never see again, or supporting every car club he can at Lincoln’s many local car shows.  To learn more about how Dave’s commitment to car restoration is bringing his community together, check out his feature in our Locally Crafted Goods series.

We are proud to present the next installment of Locally Crafted, featuring Dave Hall and Restore A Muscle Car. It was a joy to work on!

Happy to announce the release of a mini-doc series I’ve been working on called Locally Crafted for Windstream Communications.  (Direct link on my profile) We’re traveling across this great land and meeting people who are amazingly dedicated to creating beautiful works of art in their local communities. I’m so fortunate to have been in their presence for the short time we were with them. The first doc features Porridge Papers from Lincoln, NE. Thanks to our dream team for making it happen. @carliejennifer @kerrymtaylor @snoozebox And thanks to Christopher James and the people of @porridgepapers #vsco #locallycrafted #lincoln #Nebraska #documentary
American as strawberry-rhubarb pie. Baked with love by Mrs. Amy Osgood. #vsco #vscocam #fourth  (at Mountain Pines Campgrounds, Rumney, Nh)
Happy Emo 4th from New Hampshire! #vsco #vscocam #newhampshire #fourth  (at Mountain Pines Campgrounds, Rumney, Nh)
#vsco #vscocam #clouds #storm  (at Massachusetts State Line)